Weltmuseum Wien
Photos: KHM-Museumsverband

After three years of reconstruction, the newly designed World Museum ceremoniously reopened on October 25 2017.

The museum is special in that it attempts to tell numerous unique stories in each of its showrooms. Therefore, when designing the exhibition, the goal was to give each room a unique character without losing sight of of the big picture and its harmony. For this reason, the main focus was on perfect display case design.

In close collaboration with the museum's team and the planners of Ralph Appelbaum Associates, ARTEX Museum Services manufactured custom-made display cases complying with the overall concept of the exhibition and meeting highest conservation standards. Another goal, apart from designing and constructing new cases, was also to reactivate "historical display cases" for the exhibition. For this purpose, the museum's own display cases, used since 1912, were subjected to a thorough renovation and equipped with modern technology.

ARTEX is proud to have played its part in the success of this great museum with the renovation of 39 historical display cases and the construction of 108 new cases.