The "long corridor" in the Dresden Residenzschloss

Residenzschloss Dresden // 2021

The "long corridor" in the Dresden Residenzschloss

Museumsvitrinen langer Gang Dresden
Museumsvitrinen Dresden
Museumsvitrinen Residenzschloss Dresden
Vitrinenbau langer Gang Dresden

Fotos: IMAGO / Sylvio Dittrich

The "long corridor" is one of the most important examples of Renaissance architecture in Saxony. The approximately 100 meter long corridor was restored in its historical version around 1730 after five years of construction.

Around 380 objects from all over Europe are exhibited in chronological and geographical order in museum showcases specially constructed by ARTEX, based on the example of the historical wooden cabinets - from small pistols to large rifles to meter-long rifles.