Royal Palace, Dresden // 2020

The Rise of Electoral Power in Saxony

Auf dem Weg zur Kurfürstenmacht
Dresden SKD

A notable highlight of the exhibition "Auf dem Weg zur Kurfürstenmacht" are the specially designed, extra-large display cases.

ARTEX provided the Dresden State Art Collections with ten display cases (stand-alone and wall-mounted) with passive and active climatisation systems and security alarm systems. When constructing the cases, we paid strict attention to using only appropriate materials for conservation purposes, which were submitted to a VOC test in an independent institute. Also, the necessary air exchange rate of 0.1/day was achieved and subsequently confirmed via tracer gas testing. All microclimatic conditions are constantly monitored by the standard monitoring system as well as the indoor air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

Oberndorf near Salzburg