Simply the best protection for valuables.


ELEMENT MAGNETIC - Keep it simple

We were searching to build a display case that would not only be economical but also perfectly easy to handle. As a result, we created the ELEMENT MAGNETIC display case with an ARTEX magnetic frame system, in cooperation with curators, architects, and designers.

The case's innovative system guarantees easy assembling in only a few minutes – even for inexperienced people. The simple and time-efficient assembly and installation significantly support the smooth running of an exhibition, especially when it comes to temporary or special exhibitions.

Our high standard

We used exclusively low-emission materials for the ELEMENT MAGNETIC display case. Therefore, it meets the high conservation standards of all potential exhibits, as has been proved by independent tests. The display case is inexpensive, yet extremely versatile: it can be used for permanent exhibitions as well as sensitive objects in special exhibitions, for exhibitions in churches or monasteries, for exhibitions in public places, or for private collections.