ARTEX museum display cases –
designed not just to present, but also to protect.


Museum Display Cases

Custom-built museum display cases

The high quality display cases designed and built by ARTEX meet all demands concerning aesthetics, security, and object conservation, and guarantee perfect presentation and protection for every exhibit.

Our display cases are custom-built, in direct cooperation with museum experts, architects, designers, and artists, to meet each individual client's standards and needs. On request, our team will also happily take care of the assembly and disassembly of the cases as well as all maintenance tasks.


Our goal is to develop individual, top-quality solutions. We rely on our excellent craftsmanship, our masterful handling of diverse materials, our strong network, and our will for innovation.

Paul Geretslehner


Tightness testing and climatised

ARTEX display cases are designed not just to present objects, but also to protect them. The air exchange between a display case and its surroundings is of great importance when it comes to protecting exhibits. Therefore, ARTEX focuses on exactly determining the necessary level of airtightness. In cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology, we have analysed, refined, and extended existing measurement methods:

By incorporating the non-linear exchange law in our tightness tests, we are now able to achieve more highly significant measurement results. To guarantee the high standard of our display cases, we implement this innovative measurement procedure in our testing process.

Our display cases are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and alarm systems to protect the exhibits against damage and pollution as well as unauthorised access.
We offer passive, active, or combined systems to provide the perfect microclimate for sensitive objects – with the option to add pollution filters or sensors for permanent monitoring.
ARTEX bietet individuell angepasste Wartungs- und Serviceverträge: Unsere qualifizierten Handwerker – Tischler, Schlosser, Glaser und Elektrotechniker – erledigen sämtliche Wartungs- und Reparaturarbeiten. Und auf Wunsch sind wir rund um die Uhr für Ihre Serviceanfrage für Sie erreichbar.
ARTEX is experienced in the careful handling of valuable works of art and their presentation in exhibitions. Our staff's expertise and meticulous work guarantee the best possible presentation and protection of your exhibits.
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keep it simple​

The innovative and inexpensive ELEMENT MAGNETIC display case system guarantees assembly in just a few minutes, even for inexperienced people.

ELEMENT MAGNETIC is suitable for permanent exhibitions as well as sensitive objects in special exhibitions, for exhibitions in churches or monasteries, for exhibitions in public places, or for private collections.