We are experienced in the careful handling of works
of art as well as their installation and presentation.


Exhibition Construction

Bringing art to life

ARTEX carries out exhibition construction projects in accordance with the design concepts of architects and curators. On request, we can take care of the entire project or perform singular service tasks.

Our service portfolio comprises all stages in the preparation and realisation of an exhibition project. Our solid project management, including technical planning and time scheduling, ensures a smooth workflow and on-schedule completion of the project.

We also develop concepts for exhibition furnishings and build the required furniture showcases and exhibition walls in our own workshops.

Our team of skilled professionals is able to perform necessary adaptations of display areas in just a short time. When installing exhibits, we place utmost importance on carefully handling the objects and using the best possible materials. Our well-planned use of resources and our in-house synergy effects, enable us to work cost-efficiently.

With ARTEX as your partner you can fully concentrate on the scientific and content issues of your exhibition project and leave all design and construction issues to a team of skilled professionals.

Paul Geretslehner


The museum as a piece of art in itself

We offer all manual services required for the adaptation of display areas and ensure a perfectly coordinated workflow, technically and time-wise. Exhibitions in museums require a high level of experience in working with the required materials and practical methods. ARTEX realises the design concepts of architects and curators, keeping costs as low as possible with a well-planned use of resources.

Furthermore, we manufacture all our custom-built products, which meet the highest standards in terms of security and object conservation, in our own workshops.


Exhibition Construction

We offer all manual services required for the adaptation of display areas and presentation rooms.

Objektmontage & Präsentation

We are experienced in the careful handling of valuable works of art, their installation, and their presentation in exhibitions.
Grimmwelt Kassel

Visitor Information Systems

Services in this area cover all steps of the production process, from design and layouting to print production.